Sure Win CE Online Proctor Registration


What Is Proctored Testing?

Illinois law DOES NOT allow licensees to take real estate exams on your own.  The state requires that all real estate exams be administered by an individual called a proctor.  A proctor is any person, including a licensed instructor, who has a written agreement with a licensed pre-license or licensed continuing education (CE) school to administer, in person or electronically, examinations fairly and impartially.  The proctor shall authenticate the identity of the student taking the examination; monitor the student and examination-taking process by being physically and remained visually present for the entire time the student was taking the exams; and, protect the confidentiality of school materials.  Proctors must be impartial third parties (e.g., not a licensee's sponsoring broker, managing broker, or any relative, etc.).

Who Can Be a Proctor?

A qualified proctor must be:
  • Over 21 years of age
  • Proficient in English
  • Capable of performing basic computer skills
  • Able to fairly administer the exam
  • Able to abide by & follow the rules & process set forth by the State of Illinois & Sure Win Inc.
  • CANNOT be related to the licensee by blood or marriage
  • CANNOT be the licensees Sponsoring or Managing Broker
  • CANNOT have an Illinois Real Estate License
Acceptable proctors can be people you know such as:
  • Staff member of any education provider or professional organization
  • Unlicensed office manager or coordinator
  • Non real estate licensed professionals such as:
    • Attorney
    • Doctor
    • Nurse
    • Police Officer
    • Fireman
    • Business person
  • Most libraries provide proctors and proctoring services.
  • Illinois Real Estate Licensees CANNOT be proctors.